Thursday, June 17, 2010

To Follow or Not To Follow - That Is The Question

Right now I have 5,560 followers and I am following 2,445

So what's your opinion about following and unfollowing?

Here's mine:

I follow people who tweet: 1) interesting tweets 2) informative tweets 3) fun tweets (those that make me LOL). Most of the time, the tweeples I follow tweet all those 3 kinds and I like that. In addition I follow Tweeples who 1) engage in conversation 2) RT once in a while 3) do not spam me with "here's how to make money on Twitter" kinda tweet or "buy this product" a million times.

I do not automatically follow and I hate those auto DM that thank me when I follow someone. I do not like auto DM. I usually check the profile of those who recently followed me, I check their tweets and if they are what I listed above, then I follow. Sometimes I do not follow a tweeple right away but when he or she @ me, I follow back because they "conversed". Of course when they spam me with "make money online tweets" I'd unfollow. I do not have a problem with Tweeples selling their products on line, promoting their books or blogs, or marketing some products. I am not naive - it's all part of the Twitterville. And I do it too. But I do not like it when Tweeples overdo it. It becomes annoying.

I follow some people who do not follow me. I respect their decision. I tweet a lot and some just don't like that, especially those who only follow a few. You see, if they only follow a few and I tweet a lot, all they would see is my face on their stream, and they get sick of me. So it's ok to unfollow me, and some of them just put me on their list. Some just don't like reading my "none value" tweets, they only like the informative tweets - that's fine too. I still follow them if they are worth following. And some I do not follow but put them in my list.

The other day I tweeted about my dislike of some singers who had tens of thousands followers and only follow 72 or so. I thought that was not balance at all. I know it's not good to follow everyone and be inundated with spam, but following too little in proportion to your follower is kinda unfair as far as I am concern. But oh well, that is a personal decision I guess.

Sometimes I miss a follower who @ me or do a #FF shout out. If you are one of them, tweet me @ and I'd follow you - but remember, I do not like spam tweets.

Some tweeples prefer a small group of following and followers. That's fine. I have some friends like that. Others amass thousands, but do not engage - that is not fine. I do not like those who accumulate thousands and ten thousands of followers using twitter feeds and other bot programs but they never interact at all.

For me, I like having a lot of followers and interacting with many. I think Twitter is more effective and enjoyable if you have at least 100 or more followers/following blah blah blah. But that's just my opinion.

Really, there are so many wonderful tweeples out there. We just need to decide what kind of tweets we like and follow those tweeters who tweet it.

Every now and then I see my follower list go down and I get worried. "Did I tweet something wrong?" "Did I offend someone?" But in the end it's probably someone who's offended that I didn't follow him/her back.

To follow or not to follow, that is the question ...

What are your thoughts on this?

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