About Me

Aloha and thank you for your interest in reading about me. I am Liza Pierce, a social media strategist on Maui.

I started blogging in 2006 at Liza’s Eyeview.  I blogged about my family life and parenting. I also blogged as a ministry, helping friends under crisis connect with their family and friends. I found that blogging is an  easy way to get the needed support.  It was fulfilling to be able to use blogging to help others. 

My interest grew in social media grew as I experience lot of wonderful benefits of blogging both serious and fun.  I thought blogging is like "talking story online"! ('cause you know, here in Hawaii, we love to talk story) and I enjoyed it immensely.  From blogging at Liza's Eyeview I started another blog called A Maui Blog and my participation in social media grew to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flckr and Posterous. 

Interested to know more about me, my social media gigs and where else to find me? Please visit my ABOUT Page at A Maui Blog.